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27 July 2007 @ 07:54 am
Battling With Myself  
I am a Conservative party member and even sit on the board of directors for my EDA. When I think about the political climate of our country, I know in my heart that the Conservative Party is the best possible choice to lead Canada. I have conservative social values and agree strongly with the party's take on family values, crime, finances and social issues. 

However, what I am struggling with mainly is our government's stance on Afghanistan. I am starting to form the opinion that we should not be keeping our troops there for an extended period of time and should start really making plans for withdrawal. I also am not in favour of our friendship with George W. Bush or support of his war in Iraq. 

I am also concerned about the situation in Darfur. I think that we need to do something to help out, but at the same time how do we help if not militarily? And then would that not just become another Afghanistan or Iraq? 

I am very confused and am struggling with these issues a lot right now. Other than these matters, I am very happy with our Conservative government; but is it right for me to continue aligning myself with the party when these disagreements are on my plate? 

If anyone has any input/insight/advice it would be greatly appreciated.
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daniak on July 27th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
Opinion duly noted. I agree that we went to Afghanistan to show support and were left holding the bag. That's one of the many reasons why I dislike Bush and our government fostering good relationship with him.

I agree that it's time the troops come home but I disagree that Afghanistan and Darfur are not our business. While I get your point, and don't think that they should be our business in the American sense that we should go in and take charge of everything, I do think that rich, stable nations like ours have an obligation to help those who are struggling and in need.

I do agree with the current mandate of our government and for the most part think Harper is a great Prime Minister. When looking at the other options,there is no other choice in my mind than him. However, I don't think Canada should be American Junior and I don't think we should kiss Bush's ass.

Thank you for your insight.